Soccer Inter-Action Academy Spanish Tours

Advance your football skills during our January tours to the Soccer Inter-Action Academy in Spain.

Gilles has been training football players for over 20 years. During his illustrious career, he played for São Paulo and represented Australia in futsal (just some of his highlights). Many of his players have gone on to represent Australia and their respective countries, with many enjoying professional football careers.

Tour Sports in partnership with Soccer Inter-Action (SIA) in Spain, has opened doors to players looking at a football career in Europe. This represents a true pathway and genuine access for players training with Tour Sports.

We are giving players the opportunity to experience the life of a professional footballer in Spain, while showcasing our Australian talent each year with our January Spanish Tour's.

Numbers are limited, so if you believe you have what it takes to advance your football skills to the next level, have the right work ethic and absolutely love the game of football, please fill in our expression of interest form on our website.

Live the life of a professional footballer during this tour. This tour is only for the serious players committed to football.

Tour Sports

Our goal is to provide high performance football training and development. Improving players conditioning, football strength, polishing techniques, speed, agility and injury management.

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